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Don't tear out a bath tub when
you can convert it with TubcuT™

The TubcuT™ is a reversible bath tub modification that allows an existing bath tub to be converted into a walk-in shower! This affordable alternative converts your existing tub into a walk-in shower for a fraction of the cost and in a fraction of the time. The TubcuT™ system is not a cap. It becomes an integral part of the bath tub itself and provides a seamless factory appearance, is completely reversible, and is backed by a lifetime manufacturer warranty.

HealthLink Development has used the TubcuT™ in Assisted Living and Independent Senior Housing from Florida to California, and everywhere in-between to stretch limited renovation budgets by saving our clients time and money. One client utilized the TubcuT™ on an adaptive re-use conversion of an apartment building to assisted living and reported cost savings in excess of $65,000!

The TubcuT™ is the simple, effective and affordable solution to accessibility problems in the bath at approximately 80% less than the cost of remodeling. The TubcuT™ process works with your existing tub whether it is fiberglass, steel, or cast iron. Soaking tubs, whirlpools, deck-mounted, or tiled-in tubs are all easily accommodated with the TubcuT™. The step-thru opening is handcrafted from high quality components that are shaped right on the job site and are bonded for a custom fit. This process makes it possible to match any tub's contour and it can be sized to your specifications making the lowest step possible and the opening as wide or as narrow as needed. The finishing touch is an airbrushed spray finish that matches the tub making the cutout a durable and easy to clean structural component of the tub. In one day, HealthLink can give you the accessibility and independence in the bath that you deserve and your tub will be ready to use the next morning. Remarkably, the TubcuT™ is also completely reversible. If the TubcuT™ is no longer needed, the cutout can be replaced and your tub restored to its original condition. Finally, the TubcuT™ is available in widths from 18" to 44" and can also be used with custom glass shower doors if desired.

The benefits of the TubcuT™ include:
  • It is reversible! The section of the tub that is removed can be re-installed in the future.
  • It is versatile! The TubcuT™ can be installed in any tub - fiberglass, steel, and cast iron - with a "factory" finish.
  • It is a time saver! The TubcuT™ installs in less than a day.
  • It is affordable! The TubcuT™ can be installed for 80% less than the cost of tearing out a bath tub and replacing it with a walk-in shower.

Bath tub before the conversion

After the TubcuT installation

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Don't be fooled or settle for an inferior product! There are inferior tub conversions and imitators out there. These imposters will cut out a section of the tub and then cap the opening with a pre-formed cap or insert of a fixed width and a fixed, limited, depth. Typically, these plastic caps are attached to the tub with caulk only, and they frequently leak. More importantly, the 'lip' or overhang of the cap can pose a potential tripping hazard especially with a cut that is often not deep enough for easy clearance. HealthLink never offered this type of system because these restrictions and potential problems made this method questionable at best. Additionally, the cap-type systems look like cheap after-market modifications. As a mater of marketing and "curb appeal", HealthLink has heard from Administrators and Regional Directors that the finished appearance of the TubcuT™ makes for a better marketing impression of their buildings since the finished appearance looks like the bath tub came from the factory with a step through opening.

Insist on the original TubcuT™ in your facility. With the TubcuT™ system, the cutout becomes an integral part of the tub with a seamless, factory appearance that is both functional and attractive as well as being completely reversible.

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