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Performance, Communication & Cost Control


HealthLink's principal measure of its own performance is the degree to which it satisfies the goals of its clients. Individual client goals differ in many respects, and from project to project. Design goals and tastes also differ markedly; however, clients can also hold many goals in common. Every client seeks to create an economically successful project that fulfills its intended purpose. Each client expects responsive service and individual attention. Deadlines and schedules are expected to be met or bettered. Budgets must be met and the quality level must be consistent with that budget. Because of our diligence in achieving satisfied clients, a significant majority of HealthLink's projects are from repeat clients or referrals from satisfied clients.

Personal Service

HealthLink Development is service driven. Our full-service capacities provide our clients with demographics, acquisition, development, construction and interior design administration. We strive to establish a Developer/Client relationship that is based upon "open" communication through participatory planning involving all aspects of the project. Our team's experience means that the "right" questions are asked at the outset, saving time and misdirected efforts. Therefore, our clients are provided with an efficient delivery system based on "personal attention" tailored to their specific needs and requirements.


The Client will be working directly with HealthLink Development's principals and lead staff throughout the course of the project. There are no "layers" of management for the client to work through to get a quick response to questions or concerns. This permits needed adjustments without the delays of multi-layered management, therefore, keeping the project on schedule. Our team is always aware of the critical time-lines that you must adhere to, so we make your project a top priority.

Project Management

Project management is a HealthLink strength resulting both from the experience and quality of the management team. They are experienced in all phases of the design, development, construction, and interior design process. They are specialists in "getting the job done right" on time and within budget.


Underlying every successful project is a foundation of open and effective communication between the owner and developer. At HealthLink Development, owner/developer communication begins with listening -- to obtain a full and clear understanding of the owner's goals and expectations. It is sustained by continuous involvement of the owner, or its representatives, in the design and decision-making process.

Alternative concepts, approaches, and design schemes are developed for the client's review throughout all phases of the project development. HealthLink Development employs well-organized meetings to make sure the owner has the opportunity to see the progress of the project and make timely decisions to keep the project on schedule and within budget.

Effective communication is important between all parties to the development process, including communication within the project team, with consultants, with contractors and with others who have a role in the project. All decisions and discussions are well documented and disseminated immediately, to all parties involved in the process, in order to make sure that no detail is left to chance.

Cost Control

The ability to consistently develop projects within an established budget is of critical importance to HealthLink Development. Cost control is a discipline that involves all phases of the development process.

HealthLink approaches the task of cost control by first establishing, in concurrence with the client and consultants, a realistic pre-development budget based on specific requirements of the project and current costs for comparable construction. Through analysis of the project feasibility studies and pro forma, we can establish the projected development budget before the first line is drawn by the architect. Once the budget is established, the design and major systems are evaluated and backed into the budget to reduce the risk of having finished construction documents that are designed for higher construction costs than the pre-established budget allows.

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