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Property Evaluation & Acquisition

HealthLink Development has completed 117 property evaluations for the purpose of acquisition due diligence and CAPEX planning. Our reports are designed to provide the user with an overview of the facility with regard to the physical plant - site, exterior, roof, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing, as well as the interior finishes and furnishings of the facility. The reports also address maintenance concerns as well as budgeting and prioritizing those concerns. Finally, the reports contain an extensive photograph section which is designed to allow the reader to take a virtual tour of the facility. These reports are published as PDF files and hosted in a unique, client only directory on the HealthLink Development website so that it may be shared across a large corporate distribution without sending multiple, duplicate large e-mail files.

HealthLink produces these reports in a "complete" version as well as an "outline" version. The outline version is typically requested when clients are familiar with the facility and are primarily engaged in planning and budgeting for major improvement expenditures.

To view a sample outline PCR evaluation, please click here.

To view a complete Property Condition Report, or just individual sections, please click on any of the links below.
  1. The complete Property Condition Report as a printable PDF file.

  2. A Property Condition Report (text only) as a printable PDF file.

  3. The Budget & Recommendations list as a printable PDF file.

  4. The Floor Plan as a printable PDF file, or as a graphic (.jpg).

  5. A dirctory of photos recommended for viewing on-line, or as a printable PDF file.

  6. The supplemental information (previous life safety surveys) as a printable PDF file.

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